Willow Trees Along The River

Some background on the recent tree-cutting exercise

The trees along the river and around the pond have recently been coppiced and pollarded, but not cut down, as a management plan for several reasons: They are ‘crack’ willow and frequently break off their branches when they get large and heavy. This of course could be dangerous to passers-by; This will let more light into the river so allowing water plants to grow which are good for breeding dragonflies and other water creatures; They have grown very tall and have become difficult to manage by our volunteers. Willows grow quickly and will soon regrow their branches.
The timber from this exercise has been chipped and stacked to provide winter habitat for snakes and other reptiles, insects and mammals which live in the reserve. If you visit the reserve, please do not disturb it, or take it for your own use - the wildlife at the reserve needs it. We are sorry that it looks so bare at the moment - it will soon recover in the Spring.

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