Volunteers Start Lottery-Funded Work

January Working Party

The physical work on the Lottery Project started in earnest today.
Some new volunteers were very welcome and made a good work force of 11people, together with some very young volunteers who did a good job of litter-picking.

new volunters at work resize
The volunteers set about assembling the new notice boards, dismantling the old planks from the bridge, and replacing them with new ones.

bridge repairs resize

repairing the bridge resize
Holes were dug to concrete in the posts for the information boards.
One more information board to go, and then we shall feel really on the way.

digging holes for notice board resize
We now have  to install new interpretation boards at the three entrances and small seasonal information posts.
A contractor has been appointed to install the all-weather paths and gates.  This work will start around March - April, when we hope the weather will be drier.

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