Spring at Conigre Mead

Spring has slowed down after the lovely weather in March, but flowers are springing up and trees and shrubs are blossoming.

wild cherry 9999

Celandine has been flowering for 2 or 3 weeks and the primroses make a good display on the bank of the pond.  Some of the paths are lined with the white dead-nettle, with sprigs of purple ground ivy peeping through.
promroses 9796
The shrubs are starting to flower particularly the white blossom of the Blackthorn - very profuse this year - no doubt that accounts for the legendary 'Blackthorn Winter' chill we now have.
In February we planted some new trees on the western boundary near the river and they are coming on nicely.  Now, at last, the pollarded Willows, down by the river, are showing signs of new growth - they will soon be growing up well and recovering their branches.
sprouting willow9993
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bird cherry

Bird Cherry

guelder rose

Guelder Rose



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