Reserve wins South West In Bloom Award

Conigre Mead has done it again! We were awarded a Level 4 Award “Thriving” in the South West in Bloom competition and helped the town towards its Silver-Gilt award. The judges were apparently impressed with the multitude of dragonflies and butterflies flying in the warm sunshine of mid July

The reserve now, in October, is settling down for its winter rest – or is it?

In late September it was visited by over 200 children from the first year of their Oak School experience and they seem to have enjoyed it thoroughly.

They were given various experiments and tasks to complete and some enjoyed dipping in our new pond which, in spite of being at a somewhat lower level than we hoped, provided a wealth of aquatic invertebrates, such as water boatmen and damselfly nymphs, which bodes well for next season. There were lots of snails and a few small fish.

oakwood 2


The summer’s warmth and intermittent storms have encourage a larger than usual growth of everything and we have a lot of winter work to do. Anyone is very welcome to join our volunteer group – third Saturday of each month – at 10am to 12 30. Tools, gloves, coffee and biscuits provided. The next ones are 25th October and 15th November.

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