November 18th

The Volunteers' Activities

Today we had two tasks to get on with. The Wiltshire Wildlife Trust have got us some railway sleepers to make a base for our new shed which we hope will be delivered soon. Our volunteers, with the aid of some strops, carefully carried the sleepers to the site at the south-western end of the reserve where we plan to put a half container. This will be a small storage shed and will save carting our conservation tools from their present storage some distance away. The site had already been leveled by the Payback Team pretty well and there was very little adjustment needed.
We cut back some of the overhanging branches of the elder bushes alongside the track to make it easier for the transporting lorry to get alongside the site. Some of the team cleared the riverside grass path of the twigs left by the contractors when they pollarded the willows by the river. This should make it easier to maintain the path.

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