Latest wildlife sightings on the reserve

by Gill Cardy

The berries in the reserve are providing food for the birds throughout December. 
winter berries 8358
We recently had a lot of flood water over much of the reserve and this has left a lot of mud by the river seat.  The payback team cleared a lot of it today but when we have our new hard surfaced paths, it will be easier to sweep away.
Walking through in the sunshine today the Hazel catkins are abundant  - a sign of spring perhaps.  I was very surprised to see some Hawthorn just in flower, and new green leaves appearing while the berries were still there. What a strange and warm winter we have had, though the last few days' frosts were a nasty shock.
hawthorn blossom 8799
I found a plant which is new to the reserve, near the cemetery hedge. It is a fern -  Heart's tongue fern, Phyllitis scolopendrium, also known as Mother-in-law's tongue.
hearts tongue fern