Bioblitz weekend 7-8th September

A Bioblitz was held at the reserve at the beginning of the month. A Bioblitz is a fast, intensive survey of all forms of life in a natural space carried out by expert naturalists and members of the public. It's a race to find as many as possible different species of plants, birds, insects, fungi, mammals, fish, and everything else  in 24 hours. Everything found is written down to make a 'species record' which feeds into national databases that monitor our wildlife - citizen science in action!

A survey session of bats and moths was held on the Saturday evening and on Sunday, the search was on for all manner of bugs and beasts. The photos below are from the Sunday morning session where visitors were helped with identifying and recording the spider population by a local expert from the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. Results from the Bioblitz have been forwarded to the Wiltshire and Swindon Biological Record Centre to be recorded on their database (http://www.wsbrc.org.uk/Default.aspx).

bioblitz 2

bioblitz 6

bioblitz 4

For more information about Bioblitzs, visit this website: http://www.bnhc.org.uk/home/bioblitz/

Photographs by Anita Exton



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